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Sunday, 5 September 2010

I'm finally moving up in the world!

That's right, people! Yours truly has finally had something featured on another site! Of course, I'd like to say it was one of my outstanding reviews, or one of my many musings articles, or even that comic I drew a month or so back - but fuck it, this is good enough for me! That Inception comic I made from screenshots is currently on the FRONT PAGE of, one of them Cheezburger sites, and the first few comments on it are positive! It's about time more people saw my awesome handywork! I feel so proud - thank you people, for making me as famous as the other 9000 people who have had their work featured on the Cheezburger network's front page. THANK YOU ALL!

- INB4 "Screenshot or it didn't happen", as they say:

907 positive to only 59 negative? That's the best feedback I've ever had on anything in my life!

For those of you interested in reading the comments, or just wanna vote me up (not down, or I'll hunt you down), here's the link to the page:

More articles coming soon, people!