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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Short Films (From the Past!!!!) - (Video)

Just to keep you entertained since I won't be recording any new reviews any time soon, here's a couple of videos I recorded with some of my friends a couple of years ago (August '07 for the first one, Easter '08 for the second). I play Jesus in both films.

The first is our short Zombie movie "Jesus Versus The Zombie King" which we shot over the course of 2 days of silliness on a budget of just over £5 (mostly spent on ketchup and red fruit squash). We mainly filmed it just to test out my new HD camcorder. Have fun trying to spot all the movie references.

The second one is our short film "Teenage Wasteland", which I shot with my friend Rob in Easter '08. We shot it all in one afternoon, and the whole thing was improvised and made on a budget of £0.00



I get 1 cent for every 50 times someone watches these on Blip, so show everyone!!!


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