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Friday, 27 August 2010

What is this? Inception month, or something? (further afterthoughts - Text)

It occurred to me recently that there was a bit of a plot hole in Inception which I somehow managed to completely miss, in spite of the fact I caught the plot holes in all of the other Nolan films I watched. And here it is:

They state early on that if you die in a dream whilst under sedation, you will go into limbo, a very deep layer of the subconscious from which it is damn near impossible to escape. Whilst I have no problems with this suggestion, I wonder how it can affect the characters when they are in deeper levels of the dream at the point at which they die. The reason you go into limbo if you die in the first layer of the dream is that you cannot wake up, as you are under sedation, so you must spend that time somewhere, and that somewhere is limbo. However, when they go from the first level of the dream to the second, they are not technically going under sedation for this, merely an overall sedation which is keeping them asleep the whole time. Surely, then, if a character dies in the second layer of dream, they should awake in the first layer of the dream, rather than go into limbo? Maybe my memory is a little hazy, but I don’t recall that ever being explained – and since we see that exact thing happen at the start of the film when Leo’s partner is killed in the second layer of a dream and awakes in the first, I have to wonder why this wasn’t consistent throughout the film? Of course, if this had been applied, there wouldn’t have been much tension, as when the guy whose mind they need to incept dies in the third layer, he would just wake up in the second if it had been done like this – but it’s just a thought...


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