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Friday, 30 October 2009

SAW VI Review (Video)

I went to see Saw VI on Wednesday evening, and couldn't believe how packed the cinema was. Here I review both the newest film in the Saw franchise, and give my opinions on all the other Saw films as well.

Having looked on Wikipedia, I discovered that Saw II was in fact a reworking of Darren Lynn Bousman's (the director's) script, The Desperate, which explains why the feel is so different to that of Saw's 3 & 4, which were both by the same diector. I also forgot to mention, when discussing the new direction style for the 6th film, that I missed some of Bousman's camera and set tricks deployed in the 3rd and 4th films for transitions between scenes. e.g. The scene where Officer Riggs (Remembered his name - Just thought "Lethal Weapon") throws the blonde girl through the mirror, and as it shatters we cut to a scene of Strahm interrogating Jill in a police cell on the other side of the mirror. These tricks really impressed me when watching those 2 films, and I wished they could have been used in Saw 6.
I also noticed that one of the producers is called "Hoffman", and couldn't help but wonder whether or not he is just using the franchise to enact his fantasies, in the same way as Chris Moltisanti did in his Saw based film Cleaver in The Sopranos.

Overall, I felt this movie was very enjoyable, and exactly what you would expect from a Saw film. However, if you didn't like the other Saw films, i can safely say you won't enjoy this one, and you won't undersand it unless you've seen all the others. From a personal point of view, being a fan of the series, I would like to give it 3 stars, but being objective, I don't really feel I can do this - because compelling as the movie was, there were too many flaws in the plot, and of course, it's been done so many times before that there wasn't anything new being brought to the table.




Great for Die Hard Saw fans, a definite must see, but if you're not a huge fan of the series, don't bother with this one, because it's certainly not the best.

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