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Thursday, 11 February 2010


Or, at least, their Publishing house is. I got "Preacher: book one" in the summer, under the impression that it contained the first two volumes of the paperback comics ("Gone to Texas" and "Until the End of the World"). When I got Volume 3 a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a lot seemed to have happened between the end of "Book One" and the start of "Volume 3", and realised that Book One must have only contained "Volume One", and was merely a hard cover version of it. "No problem" I thought to myself "I'm sure it won't matter if I read Volume 2 after Volume 3", and I made a mental note to buy "Until The End of the World" at the next good opportunity. However, looking online, I have now discovered to my horror that Book One contains all of "Gone to Texas", but only half of "Until The End of the World". Half a volume! What the hell? Now, I'm stuck - because I don't want to buy Volume 2 when I already have half of it, but I want to read that story arc, and I want a copy of it in case I want to read it again later! Hopefully, Someone will be willing to buy my copy of volume 3 off of me, so I can get book 2 (containing half of volume 2 and all of volume 3) and be squared away. I just can't understand why they would do it like that, though - it seems like it was designed to cause problems!

Aside from that, however, Preacher is great - and worth a read if you can get round the ridiculous Publishing decisions.

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