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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's just one of those nights...

Having spent most of the night playing a copy of the 1994 game "Theme Park" that I downloaded yesterday (reliving my childhood years...), I decided to visit ICANHASCHEEZBURGER to look at some amusing images before I retired.

Having now seen so many lolcats that I am no longer amused that greatly by the concept, I decided to follow a link to one of their partner sites, and see what that did for me.

The site I wound up on is called "Autocomplete Me", and shows some of the funny search results that come up when you type certain phrases into google.

Looking at these, I was not only entertained, but also learned some very informative information (EDIT: you can tell I'm tired, I'm proof-reading right now, and I just thought "informative information. WHAT?". Which is why, for your reading pleasure, I am leaving it in). For example: I thought I was the only person who said "Damn you, Salazaar!" when my laptop goes wrong - turns out there's 77,000 search reslts for 'Damn you Salazaar' if you type it into google - that's gotta be on a par with "All your base are belong to us"!

EDIT: and why the fuck, when I type in "all your base are belong to us" on YouTube does it come up with "Nirvana: All Your Base Are Belong To Us"? If Kurt knew people were doing this sort of thing to his music, he'd shoot himself in the head! ...again! But, I digress...

2nd EDIT: Then again, it's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", so Kurt would probably be glad someone was ruining it - man, he hated that song.

But what forced me to come on this Blog, and type about my experience, was a certain image that I came across on the site, a couple of pages in. Here it is:

Now, you may have laughed at that, but even if you did, you're probably wondering why it's so hilarious I would write about it. (If you're not wondering, I'm assuming you're thinking "I know why - because you're a lunatic". Well, you're right, but allow me to explain...) And the reason for that is this: When I saw the picture, I burst out laughing, ridiculously loudly, before realising 2 things:

1. It's the middle of the night, everyone else in the flat is asleep, and I'm laughing like a loon at the idea of midgets laughing as they run, and

2. I was listening to a ridiculously depressing song by Nirvana at the time, and when I realised that, whilst listening to an incredibly dark song about mental illness and depression by a guy who shot himself, I was laughing - the thought of this made me laugh even harder, and then I couldn't stop for about half a minute straight.

So thank you, "Autocomplete Me" and Kurt Cobain, for making my night truly hilarious...


p.s. saw Kurt and Courtney earlier (whilst we're on Nirvana) so I might review that soon, also watched the movie "Street Kings" with Hugh Laurie (as in Hugh Laurie was in the film, I didn't watch it with him - oh, and I just saw Stephen Fry do an Epic Hugh Laurie burn on QI last night), so you can expect a review of that one too - probably tomorrow (haven't stated yet). So, until then - keeping those Midgets laughing!


p.p.s. I swear, I was just about to give up... but then this came up:

Why are people searching for these things?

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